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Best Ventilation types, Vent Ridge, Turbines, Whirely bird, Low Profile, Turtle types, roof vents and gable Vents.  Ask you Bold Roofing Team member and the best type of Ventilation for you home.  

Choosing Ventilation 

Proper ventilation conserves energy all year long, while improper attic ventilation is one of the most common energy-wasters in homes today.   During hot summer months, it is not uncommon for a poorly ventilated attic to reach temperatures between 140 and 150 degrees.  This superheated air not only speeds the deterioration of paint, roofing, and insulation, but penetrates down through the ceiling to heat the entire living area.  Proper ventilation removes superheated attic air.  Therefore, air conditioning systems don’t have to work as long or as hard. Cooling bills will be lower, and the cooling system will last longer.  Below are links to video's explaining type of vent systems we offer.  Lomanco is a True Leader in ventilation system. 

 Proper Venilation   

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